Project SOAR

Project SOAR (Student Outreach for Access & Resiliency) is a service-learning experience that routinely places over one hundred University of Arizona undergraduate mentors in under-resourced middle schools in the Tucson area. These students are enrolled in either HED 350 (fall) or HED 397B (spring), both of which examine issues of college access. Mentors meet one-on-one or with a small group of middle school youth weekly, addressing topics including academic strengths, self-esteem, conflict resolution, career exploration, and the college search process. Mentoring pairs or groups remain consistent throughout the semester in order to develop a strong, positive relationship. This University of Arizona College of Education program is housed within the Center for the Study of Higher Education in the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Practice.

SOAR Schools

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The Mentoring Experience

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1430 E. Second Street   |   P.O. Box 210069   |   Tucson, Arizona 85721 
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